Who we are

" ibot Innovation is an organisation that aims to change the course of history by acquainting students about robotics and artificial intelligence."

These are things that children should learn and be aware of from a young age. Because, they possess the potential to advance the society as a whole. We integrate technology and education to lower the total barrier to creation by establishing a platform that encompasses mechanics, computing, and tools.

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, and Application Development are just a few of the developing technologies that will have an impact on the 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution).
Our goal is to spark a child's creativity, cognition, and enthusiasm by introducing these new insights and enhancing essential skills in most of today's cutting-edge industries.

This will enable them to incorporate these technologies into their professional life, providing them an advantage over their competitors.

We aim to make this huge possibility a reality by providing the best training and mechanisms to students from kindergarten to higher secondary school.
This instructional strategy could exhort children to think outside the box. All you have to do is give us a space at your institute. We'll be providing the tech-savvy facility and professional trainers.
Another perk of our program is that no additional investment is required. We'll assist you in promoting advanced thoughts and perceptions among your students.=
This will not only open the door to a plethora of opportunities, but also provide an opportunity to make money at an early age.


Oftentimes, children develop dreams about what they'd like to accomplish. ibot Innovation aspires to make those dreams come true. Our vision is to help children throughout the world properly brace for the digital age and introduce AI and Technology through our exceptional curriculum resources, coding software and more. We support this by providing high-quality, value-added solutions that enable students to take their thoughts into action and advance their education


We believe that in the early stages of a kid's upbringing, the breadth of their knowledge is more significant than the depth of their understanding. Simultaneously, rather than imparting knowledge, we should place a greater attention on the growth of their abilities. Ibot innovation, which is composed of a set of software and hardware, helps children learn through practical use of technical equipment and cognitive education so that they will face no future obstacles and leave the nest to be persons with reasoning abilities and social responsibility.

We shape the future for students through a well planed curriculum in Robotics & AI technologies